Temporarily Out-of-Service (or, Remember a Plan B)

Yesterday the API we use for getting weather data stopped working, sadly. It appears that it’s been shut down for good, but even if it’s just down for now we’re still shopping for a new API.

It’s hard to say when we’ll be back up, but rest assured we’re working on it (and by we, I mostly, and guiltily, mean Jack). I’m also hoping we can use this down-time and the necessary rebuilding that will be required to come back with some new features and fixes.

This is also a good reminder: if your product relies on external services – and most do – have a contingency plan for when (not if) you need to find an alternative. APIs shut down, startups fail, terms of service change; don’t let your product be at the mercy of these external conditions.

In the meantime, we’ll use the blog/Twitter/Svpply to give some “hand-picked” recommendations. It’ll be just like when we launched in New York-only and I had to pick every item for each day.

Thanks for your patience. See you all soon.

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