A few updates to announce:


After launching the iOS app, wevther.com become a home for the little video and link to get the app. A lot of people missed the web version (and told us so).

Today we’re relaunching the web version!


It’s been hard for our tiny (unpaid) team to keep the site stocked with great products for every combination of conditions, so today we’re opening up product contributions to everyone.

You can add products by getting the bookmarklet.

iOS app

A new version of the app should be hitting the store any minute with some little tweaks.

One more thing

Stay tuned.

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WEΛTHER report

Some interesting stats for WEΛTHER for iOS:

- the app launched on Oct. 29
- 34% are looking at women’s products only, 28% at men’s products only, 38% at products across genders
- 40% of users have their temperature set to celsius (this probably tracks closely to users outside the US)
- 27% of users have set up a notification to push them the weather every day
- 91.3% are returning users
- 15.2% of screen views are looking at tomorrow’s forecast, and 11% are web views (i.e. product pages). ~1% of these views are users sharing products via email
- we’re adding users at a rate of about ~12% per week
- about 40% of users are using the app at least once a week.
- among that 40%, those users are averaging about 6 sessions per week.

What’s next:

- weather reports for Mexico!

- more products!

- and potentially a return of the web version!

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WEΛTHER for iPhone

It’s here!

Maybe you’re just finding out about WEΛTHER, in which case, hello! But if you’re familiar with it already, you might’ve noticed things have been pretty quiet over here. Well we’ve been heads-down building a new version of WEΛTHER for iPhone and it’s finally out.


We had a list of requests, as well as some things we wanted to check off. Here’s what’s new:

- International weather. It works everywhere now!
- Better product recommendations
- Products now come from everywhere, not just Svpply. The entire internet!
- That means more products and growing fast
- Buy directly in the app
- No more links to out-of-stock merchandise
- Set a time to get a daily weather alert
- Remember your preferences: get the temp in Celsius and only show girls’ stuff, if that’s your thing.
- Touchscreen fun!

We think it’s so much better on your iPhone that we’ve taken the site down, at least for now.

Get it on the App Store.

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Still doin’ it

… and doing it big. Lots of new stuff on deck.

News soon!

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Product links

Sometimes you see something on W E ∆ T H E R that you want to check out and maybe buy, click on the image to buy it … and it’s not there.

It’s a total bummer – we feel you.

The issue is that the products and their associated shopping links come from Svpply, and as stores update their websites these links stop working. As of now, there’s (sadly) not a whooole lot we can do about it.

Would it be useful to have the name of the product (when available)? At least you could do some internet investigating on your own if you really wanted it.

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W E ∆ T H E R on Refinery29

thanks, Refinery29!

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Why Weather Forecasters Are Role Models

Nate Silver, whom I love (especially now that it’s election season), on weather forecasting and probability:

"It was enlightening to speak with men and women at the forefront of science and technology. But I found that despite their best efforts, their predictions have often gone poorly.

"The discipline of meteorology is an exception. Weather forecasts are much better than they were 10 or 20 years ago."

Five Thirty Eight

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∆ by the numbers

Check it – this graph is traffic to W E ∆ T H E R over the past month:

Sometime on August 27 is when our old weather API got pulled. You can see right there (there!) on September 14 when Jack saved everything and the flat line starts going back up.

What got me curious is that almost immediately after the site went back up I started seeing tweets about it again; it was like people were checking the site regularly. I looked back at a day with normal traffic and sure enough, a lot of users turn out to be return visitors.

New vs. returning visitors – Sept. 20:

Why’d I go back to a day with normal traffic? Well today when I went to get some numbers for this post I noticed that the percentage seemed closer to 50/50 than usual.

New vs. returning visitors on Sept. 26:

My theory on this is that, because of flattering posts in both GOOD and PSFK, there have been a lot of new visitors to the site and that has evened out this ratio.

This also seems to be proven anecdotally:

I thought this little project translating data into human experience would just be a fun experiment, so I’m absolutely delighted to see that it’s actually useful to people. Awesome.

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W E ∆ T H E R on PSFK

We were on PSFK!

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W E ∆ T H E R on GOOD

We were on GOOD last week!

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